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5 spring-time hazards for dogs


Spring has already come! Be aware of its dangers for dogs:

1. Parasites and insects proliferate

With the increase in temperature ticks, mosquitoes and other insects return strongly endangering your pet’s health through their bites. To avoid this, it is advisable to choose the external antiparasitic which suits best your dog’s needs. However, it is not enough to take precautions in spring, as some insects such as fleas are present throughout the year.

2. The hair shedding

In spring dogs and cats begin shedding. You can keep shedding to a minimium by brushing your dog regularly. How can this affect your dog’s health? Dreaded hair balls (tricobezoars) can cause obstructions in the digestive system, vomiting or constipation. To minimise the problems that may arise from molting, it is sufficient to increase the frequency of brushing.

3. Pine processionary

This dangerous insect that poses a risk to both humans and animals is becoming even more dangerous due to atypical winters warmer than normal. A consequence of global warming that makes them stronger and more frequent in areas of the North where it was not necessary to pay special attention before. While their toxicity to humans depends on their sensitivity, in dogs their consequences are severe including respiratory conditions due to their eagerness to track the ground and their more direct contact with them. To minimize risks we recommend avoiding the pine forest areas where they are common.

4. Toxic plants

If anything characterizes this season of the year is the flowering of multiple plants but… we should not only pay attention to the flowers! Many other plants hide their toxicity in the roots (in the case of Cyclamen), bulbs or stem. If you see vomiting, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing, go to a veterinarian immediately to get veterinary care and avoid more serious complications.

5. Ears come

With the arrival of the good weather the walks through the field are more frequent and with them the risk of meeting with spikes. These spikes may seem harmless but in addition to causing superficial wounds they may cause serious complications if they go into a hole such as the eyes, nose or ears or if they stay nailed for many hours in sensitive areas such as pads or armpits.


For all these reasons it is essential to take extreme precautions at this time of the year keeping your hair short, getting used to a thorough brushing routine and paying special attention when choosing the walking area.