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6 Christmas dangers for dogs

Christmas is a special and endearing time for all of us, but it hides certain dangerous things for our four-legged friends.


Let’s avoid unwelcome visits to the vet!


  1. Christmas tree. In the previous article we explained why it is one of the most dangerous Christmas elements for dogs and cats. The answer is very simple: because appart fom being a danger in itself … it also has dangers on it!
  2. The poinsettia. This plant very common in our homes at this time is a serious danger because it is very toxic for dogs and cats (it is estimated that it accounts for between 5% and 10% of consultations due to poisoning).
  3. Take care of your diet. As we do excesses it is common that during these dates we reward our pet with his favorite food. No sweets, chocolates, grapes, nuts or any other food that may be toxic to him. Give him a can of wet food or his favorite snack. You can find the 7 most toxic Christmas foods for him by clicking here.
  4. Balls, tinsel, bows, figures… All of them pose a serious danger for pets. Our advice? Opt for figures and decorations that can not be ingested and materials that do not break (cloth, soft plastic, felt …) and in the case you decide to use them place them in places where your pet can not access.
  5. Goodbye to candles (at last the wax ones). Together with the tinsel and figures, candles are another frequent ornaments in houses. Definitely this element is not recommended in homes with pets, in a simple oversight the consequences could endanger your home. In case you want to use them we recommend to opt for LED candles to minimize the risks.
  6. Fireworks, firecrackers or loud noises. Even if some dogs have no problem with them, most are not used to sudden loud noises which may easily disturb them.