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Your dog does not miss any detail … Watch out for the tempting Christmas tree and ornaments!

Your dog is an adorable pet, isn’t it? But let’s be honest … It can also become an excellent destroyer of Christmas ornaments.

If you have already started taking out the Christmas decorations, surely your dog does not miss any detail. That is why it is essential to know how  decoration may be dangerous for it.


Today we will focus on tree-dog rivalry

A rivalry that can cause serious problems if we do not take the necessary precautions: electric shocks, cuts from playing with glass balls or hard plastic, choking, obstructions and other accidents that we must avoid. We help you:

  • Garlands, figurines, tinsel … The higher the better! Try placing the ornaments on the top of the tree so that your dog does not reach them.
  • Place the tree in a room where you can keep an eye on while you are at home and closed when you are outside.
  • Anchor the tree to the ground to prevent it from being knocked down. If you can not anchor it, we recommend to surround it with some fences so your dog does not have access to it.
  • Give it a new toy which catches its attention. Thus the tree will remain in the background.
  • Create a homemade repellent to keep your dog away from the tree and ornaments. To do this mix 150 milliliters of water with the juice of a lemon and spray it on the tree and each adornment. The citrus smell is one of the odors most hated by dogs.
  • Say no to crystal or hard plastic ornaments to avoid cuts and serious injuries. Instead opt for cloth, felt, rope, bows or soft plastic ornaments.
  • If you have opted for lighting, keep it unplugged when you are not at home and make sure that the cables are well protected.


Natural or artificial tree?perro arbol navidad - Wild Side

If you are thinking about placing a nice natural fir, spruce or pine you must first bear in mind that these trees pose an added danger to your dog:

  • The wood of the trunk and the branches catches its attention. Make sure your pet can not access to it or cover it to prevent biting and splinters from endangering its health.
  • Take a look at the trunk and make sure that there is no resin on it. In case you observe viscous substances you should clean them with water until you eliminate them completely. It can be extremely toxic.
  • Remove the dried leaves regularly to prevent them from falling to the floor. They can cause choking and gastrointestinal perforations.
  • If you are going to water it, do it while your dog is out or make sure that the pot is well covered so that it can not access to the water.


In the following article we will tell you more about other Christmas dangers so you can make sure your Christmas decoration is dog friendly.