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7 dog walking tips you should know

For dogs walk time is one of the most expected moments of the day. Do not mess it up!

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Follow this 7 basic tips to turn it into your favorite moment.

  • Walk = pee + poop Error! ❌

Most owners, for convenience or lack of time, associate the walks with the time when their dogs do their needs and… back home again! Walk time is much more than that, do not fall into this error and give him the time he deserves.

  • Number of walks

The first big question for pet owners. Our recommendation is that it should never be less than three. Here there are no excuses: neither the lack of time nor that your dog already has a huge garden. Can you imagine spending all day on the same plot? No matter how big it is, you would already know every corner! So you already know: at least three times a day and everything that goes beyond them will be ideal for your dog’s enjoyment.

  • Adapt the intensity according to the breed and age of your dog

While each dog is different and it is therefore difficult to generalize, it is essential to know the traits and energy characteristic of the breed to which your dog belongs to ensure that it burns all the energy he needs.

  • Duration of walks

In addition to other variables such as the one mentioned in the previous point, the duration of the trips will also depend on the time of day, being able to alternate between agile walks (such as at first light and the last hour of the afternoon) and rides of Relaxation and fun

  • Change route

Can you imagine to go everyday to the same place in your free time? Change places to allow him to explore new sptos and try to go out together at weekends.

  • Take care of his relationships with other dogs

Dogs are social animals by nature, so nothing will make him happier than a walk in which he can meet and socialize with other animals. This aspect is one of the most neglected by pet owners, however it is essential for the emotional balance of your pet.

  • Alternate game moments

Allow your dog to sniff and have fun. Do not hesitate to bring some of your toys as frisbees, balls, sticks or ropes to have a good time together.

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