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Why does my dog sleep so close to me?

It’s bedtime and your dog goes up to your bed without thinking twice. Do you know why he does it?Por qué mi perro duerme conmigo

One of the most frequent debates among pet owners is whether it is advisable to sleep with us or not, a topic of discussion that will be discussed in the following posts. Whether you are a supporter of sharing your sleep hours with your dog or not, surely that on occasion your pet has sought to get in your bed. We tell you why.


6 reasons why your dog sleeps with you
  1. It is a natural behavior: the dog is a social animal by nature that in the wild would sleep with the other members of his pack. The same happens in homes where they will seek to sleep with their humans in the same bed or room.
  2. He wants to be close to you: Nothing your dog likes more than being with you and being your company 24 hours a day. Why would he want to separate from you when he went to bed?
  3. He shows your affection: being next to you your dog shows you that for him there is no better place to sleep than at your side (no matter how comfortable your bed is).
  4. He shows your loyalty and offers you its protection: sleeping close to you your dog makes sure you are well and you in turn transmit confidence. A security that their owners also feel because according to studies of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona “many people find comfort and safety when sleeping with their pets” helping them to rest better.
  5. His bed is not comfortable: if you do not want your dog to sleep with you, first of all you should provide him with a comfortable and warm bed to sleep on. While more than 50% of dog owners recognize sleeping with their pet, we have to think that sleeping with large-breeds dogs may not be so comfortable. In this case a big comfortable bed for him would be a good solution.
  6. He is looking for your warmth: as during the day it is common to see how animals look for areas with solar rays to lie down, during the nights the hottest place is at your side between the sheets.


And you, do you share your sleep hours with your faithful friend?

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