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Ten things your dog hates about you

While each dog is a world, there are certain behaviors we do every day capable of ending the patience of the “man’s best friend.”

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1. Strong hugs

We know in many occasions it is unavoidable to show our love through hugs but, even if your pet has become used to it, hugging is not such a tender act for him. Avoid placing your arms around them  and squeezing them tightly (it may perceived it as a threat).


2. The lack of rules

As with humans, pets also need some limits and rules to follow. Nothing satisfies him more than pleasing you and being happy by your side, so do not hesitate to establish clear rules of behavior and reward his good behaviour.


3. Intense smells

Household cleaning can become a real nightmare for us but … you can not imagine how annoying it can be for your pet! Our advice:

  • Avoid using strongly scented products, such as home deodorizers and incense, perfumed laundry products…
  • Take advantage when your dog is out walking or in the garden to carry out cleaning tasks and make sure that the surfaces are well rinsed.


4. Screams and strong punishments

Dogs are able to understand perfectly what we tell them through the tone of voice we use. If you have a sensitive dog, loud screams and harsh punishments will only frighten him even more. Find the most effective way to educate him by paying special attention to whether he is a nervous or fearful dog.


5. Not letting him explore around

Walks are necessary for dogs for more reasons appart from the “exercise”. For dogs, walking is an excellent opportunity to find new worlds through their sense of smell. Avoid short walks and pulling on the leash every time he finds something interesting to sniff and allowing him to take his time to enjoy the ride to the fullest.


6. Disguising him just for funPerro Wild Side Pet Food

With the rise of Instagram more owners turn their pets into authentic models by testing all kinds of clothes and accessories. In addition to the uncomfortable that it is that someone dresses and undresses continuously, think that the garments and accessories that fit the neck and ears are very annoying for them (they even produce a feeling of submission). You know, before you try that outfit “so cute”, think about his welfare.


7. Boredom

Dogs, no matter how old they are, always appreciate playing with you. Do not forget to give him all the attention he needs. When you are not at home, make sure he has enough toys to play during your absence and do not hesitate to hide prizes around.


8. Blowing them in the face

If your dog has not behaved correctly, show it in another way but… avoid blowing his face! With this gesture you can endanger three essential organs for them since the strong air can irritate sensitive areas such as eyes, nose and inside the ears.


9. Do not pay enough attention

We know that it is often inevitable to absent us for hours for work, but do not forget your pet when you return. Pay attention and give him all the love he deserves (no matter how tired and exhausting the day has been). For him nothing is more important than you, and he will not understand why you are not happy to see him again.


10. If you touch other dogs

Surely during the walks you are with other dogs and your pet plays with them but … have you tried to caress them? If your dog is jealous avoid this gesture in his presence.


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