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Does your dog get dizzy on trips? Symptoms and advice

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As with humans, it is common for dogs to experience dizziness when traveling by car, especially when it comes to puppies. Next we will help you identify when your dog is suffering from dizziness, how to act and some tricks to avoid it.



If your dog is suffering from dizziness, you will be able to warn him if he shows any of the following signs:

  • Vomiting
  • Inactivity
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Excessive yawns
  • Excessive panting accompanied by drooling.


  1. Empty stomach:

It is more frequent that your dog gets sick during the trip if he has a full stomach. That is the reason why our advice is not to give him any food two hours before the trip.

  1. Make stops during the journey:

If the trip is long, it is recommended to stop every hour or two hours. So the dog can drink water, take a short walk, play and stretch his legs before continuing the trip.

  1. Procure a relaxed atmosphere:

Many of the dizziness are caused by the stress and anxiety that the trip itself generates. Before a trip it is very important to remain calm and speak with a calm and relaxed tone. Otherwise, if we lose our nerves, we will only aggravate the problem.

  1. Look forward:

As far as possible we must ensure that our dog travels facing the front comfortably.

If your dog feels dizzy during trips do not hesitate to go to your veterinarian and consult him for the use of the medication or supplement more suitable for him.

Some of the most advisable supplements for these situations are those that act on the nervous system like the following Zylkene, Calmatonine or Adaptil.

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