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Heat stroke in dogs: symptoms and solutions

The heat and the getaways arrive, being easy for our dog to suffer a heat stroke (in the same way that it is easy to avoid it).

Heat stroke in dogs is a dangerous problem for them because the sudden increase in body temperature causes the collapse of their body can lead to death (as occurs between the 36% and 50% * of dogs that suffer).


Why are they so vulnerable to heat stroke?Golpes de Calor Perro Wild Side Pet Food 2

In just a few minutes the heat strokes can be very harmful, since dogs regulate their body temperature more slowly than us through panting (having only a few sweat glands in the pads). For this reason you must be aware of your dog at all times taking care that he can find shadow and a right temperature (NEVER leave him alone in enclosed spaces like cars as they can reach temperatures of 131 degrees Fahrenheit in a few minutes).


What are the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs?

Some of the most obvious signs that your dog suffers a heat stroke are as follow:

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • His skin is hotter than normal.
  • The dog is tired and exhausted.
  • His breathing becomes difficult, panting excessively, strikingly and sonorously.
  • Dizziness: the dog may lose coordination or even faint and lose consciousness.


What to do in a heat stroke?Golpes de Calor Perro Wild Side Pet Food

If you observe or suspect that your dog is suffering from any of the above symptoms the first thing you should do is call your veterinarian immediately, and meanwhile:

  • Remove the dog from the heat source.
  • Refresh the dog progressively with water (NEVER submerge it in cold water). Refresh both the head and the rest of the body (gut, armpits, …).
  • In extreme cases, the dog can be bathed in fresh water (never cold) for a few minutes to try to lower its temperature.
  • Offer water to the dog so that he can drink slowly (if he drank too quickly it could be degenerate).
  • Short haircuts are not adequate in Summer, as fur also protects them from heat.


How to avoid heat strokes?

Preventing your dog from suffering a heat stroke is in your hand:

  • Make sure your dog has clean fresh water.
  • Do not expose him to the sun or high temperatures: if he lives outside, make sure he has a good shed that protects him or put him at home.
  • Prevent trips and exits in the hottest moments.


* According to studies by veterinarian Lisa Powell (University of Minnesota).

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