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Why your dog should not eat cereal

Each year more and more grain free dog food gain a place in global markets against conventional pet foods.



Why your dog need a grain free diet?

Grain free products have many benefits for dog. After scientifically confirming that dogs share 99% of its genetic code with the gray wolf, at Wild Side we are committed to developing food similar to what our pets would find in nature, to give them the same nutritional requirements their wild relatives have.

Among the benefits of the implementation of a grain free diet we should mention:

  • Decrease of food allergies and intolerances: being carnivores, dogs and cats do not produce amylase. Food allergies and intolerances are caused by ingesting cereals, which they cannot process and are not part of their natural diet.


  • Provide a natural diet. As already mentioned before, dogs and wolves share more than 99% of its genetic code, which do not eat cereal in nature. Avoiding this ingredient you will respect their natural development.


  • Say goodbye to diabetes and overweight. Replacing cereals for vegetables we reduce the glycemic index and the glucose blood level. The more your dog eats grain free products, the more likely he is to get weith off. That is the reason why a grain free diet is also ideal for overweight dogs.


  • Their metabolism is not ready to digest cereals: both dogs and cats are meat eaters so they do not have enough amylase in their bodies to break down starchy carbohydrates (like wheat and corn which are very low in nutritional value).


Bringing your dog a grain free diet you will invest in your dog’s health and well-being so…
he will live longer and better!


If you want to know more about the benefits of a grain free diet click here.

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