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Size doesn’t matter, ¿or yes?

In Wild Side you can find two different types of kibbles, both with a similar size making it suitable for all breeds of dogs:

Dogs swallow food without chewing it as an inherit survival behaviour due to in nature they have to eat as fast and soon as possible (as wolves do). In this way they can eat a greater amount of food in in the shortest time possible.

As you are reading this you might think your dog chews (which is true) but you must realize that he only chews until the kibble has the appropiate size to be swallowed (as their teeth are not very prepared to crush or chew).

For this reasons we can affirm that swallow without chewing is not a problem but we have to take care of the amount of food they eat following the daily amount recommended in each bag.

Size doesn’t matter… but we have been thinking of it!

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