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Chelated minerals in dog food

Chelated minerals are added in all Wild Side formulas in order to bring a better quality dog food guaranteeing the maximum availability possiblof nutrients.


¿What are chelated minerals?

Quelation is a fundamental process that occurs when minerals are bound to other molecules (typically amino acids) to form a mineral complex.  in order to get a better absorption. This complex (called proteinate) is easily absorbable by the villi of the intestine passing into the dog’s bloodstream.

The process will be as follows:

  1. The mineral is bound to an organic molecule.
  2. The organic molecule (and the mineral) are absorbed by the intestine passing into the bloodstream.
  3. The mineral is easily absorbed and used by the body without entering into competition with other substances.

minerales quelados

¿Why are they necessary?

Minerals are essential for growth, tissue maintenance and as a source of energy.

A diet which meets their nutritional needs is the best way to avoid problems and diseases in bones, joints, urinary tract, heart, skin and fur. They are also important for the glucose metabolism (which affects dog’s longevity).

In short:

If we want our dog to get the best nutrition possible, chelated minerals should be considered a welcome addition in all dog food products.

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